Since the foundation of Techno-Environment, one of its main activities has been in the area of digital mapping and GIS Database Development, which forms the backbone of any GIS application. We have thus exercised great care in producing our digital/ GIS ready databases applying rigorous and strict QC/QA procedures. Our spatial data is delivered with adequate metadata to insure our clients of the superior quality of our data. We have considered and addressed technical issues such as scales, map projections, and datum transformations… etc.

under the supervision of academic specialist specializing in the area of surveying, mapping & GIS. Our team has covered large areas of Dar es salaam territory at the following scales: 1:1000, 000 – 1:250,000 – 1:40,000 – 1:25,000 – 1:5,000.

Techno-environment is ready to produce GIS databases for any region inside Tanzania that is outside our present coverage as soon as the client indicates the boundaries, scale, and other specifications required for the product.

Mapping Methods Used

Digital mapping and GIS database development has been accomplished through a variety of methods including:

Data conversion from paper to digital format.
Digital mapping & GIS database development from satellite imagery.
Digital mapping & GIS database development from aerial photography.
Digital mapping & GIS database development from ground & GPS surveying.