IT Solutions

Techno-environment investment company implements integrated IT Solutions, including Work Flow Management System, Documents Archiving Systems, ERP Systems, AVL & Tracking Systems, as well as Contents Management Systems.

Web Solutions

Techno-environment investment company offers innovative GIS solutions designed for the Internet. Web solutions are changing the way organizations communicate and disseminate information. Public agencies and commercial companies can combine GIS with Internet technology for remote navigation, customer services, market analysis, & many more. E-Business is growing faster than anyone ever predicted. Consider connecting your business directly to your target through a dynamic database (customers, employees, vendors and business partners) and you will directly experience the rapid growth of the E-Business.


Presenting your work in an elegant way requires an artistic yet functional product. Our experts can provide you a multimedia-ready presentation starting from interface design to professional product Techno-environment investment company provides a wide range of computer graphics, ideas, and concepts that match the requirements and philosophy of our clients. Computer graphics is not looked upon as a mere artistic tool, but viewed as a means of conveying concepts and messages to target groups. We cover most of the recent areas related to multimedia and web design while maintaining continuous support to help our clients fulfill and accomplish most of the work phases, including other segmentation, data collection, data entry, logos’ design, pages’ design, animation design etc