Geo-marketing Service

Techno-Environment as a company which implement GIS service utilize it to its fullest by integrating customers data and service and create tools for marketing planning, strategies and marketing, by doing so we implement Geo-Marketing service and bring GIS alive into different dimensions.
To us, Geo-marketing is not a short-term marketing strategy, nor is it a campaign by itself. Rather, it is a tool marketer use to determine strategies and create campaigns—a method of handling data that creates powerful and actionable insights into the market environment.

We use Geo-marketing as a tool that uses geographic, or location-based, information to help companies put together marketing strategies and campaigns. Using digital mapping to organize and display data enables marketers to analyze data by region or a physical location (E.g. a store).

The advent of digital technology has made geo-marketing more affordable that companies of any size can tap its benefits. As part of a digital strategy, geo-marketing employs geographic information systems (GIS) and data with a geographic context to market businesses and their websites through internet & mobile searches and social media. Most geo-marketing services are compatible with multiple smartphones, tablet and PCs.

In geo-marketing, customer data from online transactions, mobile devices and other sources is stored in company databases. This information is applied to digital maps.

Benefits of GeoMarketing

Analysis of geo-marketing data helps marketers determine where their customers are.
Locate something on a digital map, create summary information for specific locations and choose customers in particular areas.
Marketers can select customers similar to a specific type in the rest of the country or address problems regarding the location of a new office or store.
link data to a digital map to understand where their customers are in a geographical context

Geo-marketing can be used for choosing a website for a new business or branch, determining key locations for advertising, displaying website content that is distinct to a user’s origin and offering online advertising based on a user’s location. Other applications include showing how a customer segment might be distributed in a particular region and setting up service networks.

Over time, Techno environment we engage in geo-marketing systems updating to reflect changes in customer data.