GIS Solutions

Techno-environment investment has vast experience in the area of geographic information systems (GIS). The company performs various tasks including system analysis, needs assessment, capacity assessment, requirement analysis, conceptual and physical design, data model development, GIS application development, customization, training, technical support, and consultation services.
Techno-environment supports major platforms and employs different hardware/software components to satisfy our clients’ needs. We provide our clients with up-to-date technology offering the following services:

GIS planning Services

GIS Technical Support Services

GIS Implementation Services

GIS Data Acquisition

Whatever the data you need, we can deliver it. Our highly trained surveying, data acquisition, and application development teams are ready to help you throughout your work, through specific well designed stages including:
– Needs, cost & time frame assessment.
– Available & required data assessment including maps, satellite images, documents, attributes, etc.
– Design and implementation of data acquisition work plan.
– Surveying and spatial data capturing (mapping, field surveying, satellite remote sensing,GPS, etc…)
– Data preparation (digitizing and scanning) and attribute data collection & data entry (e.g.: street names- landmarks- etc…).
– Database design & attributes modeling.
– Database & system upgrades.