About Us

Techno-Environment Investment Company is among of Tanzanian modern firm which dealing with Geospatial Technologies (GIS, Remote Sensing, AI, Data visualization Map Services), Environmental Related Business(Research, Data Collection, House Hold Survey, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Audit, Assessment for Occupational Healthy and Safety in working places ), ICT Solutions and consultations, The firm commenced its activities since 2011 with main objective of transforming the local/traditional ways of environment sustainability and technological and data use for effectively decision making and business development.

Our firm focuses on strengthening and expanding knowledge through Training and capacity building in several aspects of operations such as GIS, Monitoring and Evaluations of the different project and organization in general from local level to international level, The company work with NGO’s, CBO’s and Government Institutions in level of project management and managerial level.


To contribute to the local community the knowledge of PGIS. Participatory GIS in solving land conflicts. To provide a high level of our customers satisfactions


To be a dominant data collector and provider. To establish best Geo-Data base as a source of data based on local and international standards. To transform the local business, investors, entrepreneurs and institutions to invest on the use of data for decision making. To impart the knowledge on the impact of GIS in daily life

Why Choose Us


We are honest to ourselves and clients in all that we undertake. By ensuring that we keep our word, our clients are ever satisfied with our services! As well, we uphold high level of integrity and professionalism.


We also respect and value all our clients in all our interactions both in and out of business environment. We anchor our day-to-day undertakings on the saying that "The Customer is Always Right." Thus, we value our clients' opinions.


We always work together as a team to achieve best results for our esteemed customers at minimal cost without compromising the quality of the project outputs. We value TIME! We believe that by offering quality services, we attract clients.


By providing our clients with a well stipulated project timeline, this ensures that the project execution time is minimized at all cost thus delivering project output on time.

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