Whatever the data you need, we can deliver it. Our highly trained surveying, data acquisition, and application development teams are ready to help you throughout your work, through specific well designed stages including:

  • Needs, cost & time frame assessment.
  • Available & required data assessment including maps, satellite images, documents, attributes, etc.
  • Design and implementation of data acquisition work plan.
  • Surveying and spatial data capturing (mapping, field surveying, satellite remote sensing, GPS, etc…)
  • Data preparation (digitizing and scanning) and attribute data collection & data entry (e.g.: street names- landmarks- etc…).
  • Database design & attributes modeling.
  • Database & system upgrades.

We highly use mobile data collections as the best and more advanced technology of data collections.

We take a look at some of its importance in the space of planning.

1. Telecom and network services: GIS plays an extremely important role in the telecoms and network services. It is used in planning, collecting, analyzing and storing the complex network designs that are needed to come up with a working architecture in the field of telecoms.


3. Transportation planning: GIS also comes in handy in the area of transportation. This is done especially where new transportation facilities need to be developed within an already congested city. GIS can be used to map out the areas where the facilities will be built so as to avoid congestion.

4. Environmental impact analysis: GIS plays an important role in the environmental impact analysis process. After the analysis, the data in GIS can then be used to inform policy that will be used to plan an area to reduce the human effects on the land which causes environmental degradation.

5. Agricultural planning: GIS plays an important role in agricultural planning. GIS can be used to provide information that can be used to plan what crops need to be grown in what areas of the farm depending on the soil structure and soil composition.

6. Land use planning: Land use planning will depend on the information provided by GIS in deciding which part of the land should be subjected to what land use. It becomes easier to know what crops will thrive on what part of the land and this helps in improving yields.

7. Surveying: GIS provides information aout land that can be used during land surveying to determine the vastness of the land and the nature of the soil and the soil structure within the area. This also plays an important role in deciding what use the land will be put to.

8. Community development: GIS stores data that can be relevant in community development. The data can provide insights that can help inform the planning of the community land based on the needs of the community.


10. Energy use tracking and planning: GIS can also be used to track the usage of power and other sources of energy to ascertain how much power or energy is needed to satisfy the requirements of a given city or state.

Our planning services based on: Needs assessment, Requirement analysis, System analysis, Application definition and Conceptual design.

Since the foundation of Techno-Environment, one of its main activities has been in the area of digital mapping and GIS Database Development, which forms the backbone of any GIS application. We have thus exercised great care in producing our digital/ GIS ready databases applying rigorous and strict QC/QA procedures. Our spatial data is delivered with adequate metadata to insure our clients of the superior quality of our data. We have considered and addressed technical issues such as scales, map projections, and datum transformations… etc.


under the supervision of academic specialist specializing in the area of surveying, mapping & GIS. Our team has covered large areas of Dar es salaam territory at the following scales: 1:1000, 000 – 1:250,000 – 1:40,000 – 1:25,000 – 1:5,000.


Digital mapping and GIS database development has been accomplished through a variety of methods including:


  • Data conversion from paper to digital format.
  • Digital mapping & GIS database development from satellite imagery.
  • Digital mapping & GIS database development from aerial photography.
  • Digital mapping & GIS database development from ground & GPS surveying.

Techno-environment is ready to produce GIS databases for any region inside Tanzania that is outside our present coverage as soon as the client indicates the boundaries, scale, and other specifications required for the product.

GPS is viewed as the ultimate dream of any surveyor. Our company has long realized that technology and used it in map production and data collection. GPS is being used in various modes including differential mode, RTK …etc.

In practice, RTK systems use a single base station receiver and a number of mobile units. The base station re-broadcasts the phase of the carrier that it observes, and the mobile units compare their own phase measurements with the one received from the base station.

There are several ways to transmit a correction signal from base station to mobile station. The most popular way to achieve real-time, low-cost signal transmission is to use a radio modem, typically in the UHF band.

In most countries, certain frequencies are allocated specifically for RTK purposes. Most land survey equipment has a built-in UHF band radio modem as a standard option.

The cost of Digital Mapping and GIS database development services is significantly lower Techno-environment investment company than other companies while the technical skills are more than adequate.


The success of any GIS application starts with the quality of its spatial database. Our experts have good and long experience in DBMS (Spatial, tabular, and image components). Our strong background in surveying and mapping sciences enhance our capability of building feature connectivity models, coordinate/ datum transformations, integration and data merge of map features and attribute data from multiple sources, and the development of digital land base maps.


We allocate adequate resources for our outsourcing data conversion tasks to deliver the product on time while maintaining the quality of our services.

Techno-environment investment company offers engineering consultation in various areas (Mapping, GIS, GPS, etc…), as well as comprehensive training programs by its highly experienced and certified team members including university professors and consultants.

Techno-environment investment company team includes qualified instructors in many fields, including GIS, digital mapping, and web development solutions. Instructors include university professors. Our comprehensive training program covers theoretical, practical as well as on-the-job training. Our unique on-the-job training maximizes the benefits gained from theoretical and practical courses.

Tailored training programs vary from one project to another and depend on the scope of the work covering the following topics:

  • GIS.
  • DBMS.
  • Data Conversion.
  • Digital Mapping.
  • Remote Sensing.
  • IT solutions

Complete GIS Implementation Services

Building Relationships

We believe in building strong relationships with people and organizations, and that our experience and knowledge is only helpful after we listen and learn about your organization, people, needs and expectations.

More Than One Way

After listening and building an understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and needs of an organization, our team will provide information about paths forward. We know there is never just one way to implement GIS and that providing information about all of the options helps engage our clients in the process and ultimately make an informed decision.

Seeing Beyond Today

We work with clients to craft implementation strategies that meet the advertised benefits that helped sell GIS within an organization, but also focus on building a strong foundation that can evolve to serve emerging needs over the long haul. We also focus on helping our clients market short-term successes to leverage continued long-term GIS support.

Multiple Domains

GIS is present in organizations across almost all verticals and is used for a growing number of applications. Our team has completed GIS implementation projects for government, industry, business, non-profits and for applications ranging from community GIS to Internet of Things (IoT), indoor location and location analytics. Our Implementation Based on GIS modeling, Project management, Application development and System integration.

Our technical services based on:-

  • Training (concepts – practical – on the job).
  • Technical specifications and proposals.
  • System upgrading.

Techno-environment investment company provides various tracking systems with complete support of hardware, software and digital maps. These systems cover wide range of users such as civil needs. We provide these systems to support requirements and other constraints of various users.

Techno-environment investment company combines various technologies such as GPS, GIS and wireless Communications (GSM/Radio) to track the tour path of a vehicle or single person.

These technologies are used to develop applications that enable users to track their locations, store their route information, report route information and search for new locations etc…

Tracking Services include:

  • Vehicle Tracking Systems.
  • Fleet Management Systems.
  • Electronic Tour Guide Systems.
  • GPS /GIS.
  • Data Base Applications.

One of the definitions of remote sensing is “remote sensing is the acquisition of physical data of an object without touch or contact”. July 1972 marked the birth of launching the first earth satellite (LANDSAT). Since then many satellites were launched among which are SPOT, IRS, IKONOSS, QUICKBIRD …etc. Techno-environment investment company prepare themselves to use new high resolution (1m) IKONOS and Quickbird satellite imaging in producing large scale maps for many cities and villages inside Tanzania.

Rectification and Geo-referencing of these images were based on GCP’s mainly from GPS surveys. Field teams are usually sent to the site to collect relevant attribute data.