About Us

Techno-Environment Investment Company is among of Tanzanian modern upcoming firm which deals with environmental related business and consultations, the firm commenced its activities since 2011 with main objective of transforming the local/traditional ways of environment resources management into modern ways which are suitable for environmental sustainability.

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Our Core Services..


GPS is viewed as the ultimate dream of any surveyor. Our company has long realized that technology and used it in map production and data collection. GPS is being used in various modes including differential mode, RTK …etc.


Techno-environment investment company provides various tracking systems with complete support of hardware, software and digital maps. These systems cover wide range of users such as civil needs. We provide these systems to support requirements and other constraints of various users.


Since the foundation of Techno-Environment, one of its main activities has been in the area of digital mapping and GIS Database Development, which forms the backbone of any GIS application. We have thus exercised great care in producing our digital/ GIS ready databases applying rigorous and strict QC/QA procedures.


Techno-environment investment company offers engineering consultation in various areas (Mapping, GIS, GPS, etc…), as well as comprehensive training programs by its highly experienced and certified team members including university professors and consultants.

Our Clients